There are endless areas where we can support the community in making improvements to infrastructure and in the provision of facilities.

We generally set up project groups to include our administrator and members of the community to plan and deliver each project.  Where possible, we use the skills of the students in the VTC to support the project work and also encourage the community to give their time and input. Whenever funding has allowed, we have undertaken projects mainly in Ifunda but also one or two projects in other areas where the charity has links

Our first two major building projects in 1995 & 1998 were organised by one of our relatives, Franz Mayerfoels from Germany. In 1995, he encouraged a team of sixteen craftsmen to come out to Tanzania; there were carpenters, bricklayers, welders and electricians from our home town. The local hotel owner came out to cook for us and two medical students volunteered to provide labour and to look after the welfare of the team. A container was sent ahead with materials: cement mixer, sanitary and electrical equipment, a generator, bedding, food, water, and casks of beer donated by the local brewery! We slept on the floor of the dispensary, worked hard all day, and had a party every night! The community worked with us and we celebrated the completion of the project with them. It was a very happy experience and really kicked off our support activity in Ifunda.


Here are some of the projects we have undertaken since 1995: -

1995       Construction of a 36-bed girl’s dormitory for the VTC (Vocational Training Centre)

1996       Provision of piped water supply to the VTC & Mission

1998       Construction of first phase for Technical Training Centre for boys and girls

2000       Construction of a 70-bed boys dormitory

2004       Construction of a second workshop building

2006       Construction of additional class rooms and accommodation at the VTC

2007       Provision of 4-wheel drive vehicle for VTC

2008       Augmentation of water supply with a second spring

2008       Provision and installation of solar panels

2009       Construction of 120 bed girl's dormitory in Ilonga Parish

2010       Drilling of borehole for water supply to the hostel in Ilonga

2011       Building accommodation for teachers at Vocational Training Centre (VTC)

2012       Installation of solar powered lighting for Girl's Hostel and new kitchen

2013       Construction of building for new Computer Skills Centre at VTC

2014       Installation of 15 computer workstations

2015       Installation of satellite dish for Internet

2016       Classroom refurbishment at Masumbo Primary School