OUR aims


  • To help children access education
  • To improve education provision and facilities
  • To facilitate projects that improve the lives of those in the community


The main aims of our charity have remained constant, but over the years we have adapted our approach to the support we provide and to the type of project work we implement. Needs have changed and Tanzania is developing, as is the community in Ifunda. Some of the critical issues we are addressing now are very different from the issues we observed when we first visited Ifunda in 1994. There have been improvements in education and healthcare but they continue to be severely under-resourced; youth unemployment, poor nutrition and high levels of poverty are the challenges faced by the community now.

We do realise how important it is to listen to the people in order to fully understand their issues and priorities. We actively involve our contacts - teachers, students and community leaders - in our projects, so that we can all work together for the good of the community in Ifunda.