July 2018

Independence for Obed

Walser's Tanzania Charity has been providing support to the rural community of Ifunda in Tanzania for over 20 years. We operate an educational sponsorship scheme for almost 300 students, we support the local schools and Vocational Training Centre and assist with funding for local projects. We are a family run charity with no paid staff & minimal costs, all donations go directly to benefit the community we support and we genuinely make a difference to peoples lives.

This crowdfunding campaign has been set up to help a disabled man living in Ifunda, Tanzania. Obed Mavika contracted Polio at the age of 2 and suffered paralysis of both legs. Obed is now 46 years old and has 5 children. He has worked hard to gain an education without special provision for his disability and wants to provide for his family and ensure his children receive an education. Two of his children are supported through our charity educational sponsorship scheme.

Obed currently carries out computer repairs and offers a photocopying service, but in this poor rural community this does not generate enough money for Obed to support his family.  To help with finances Obed's 8-year-old daughter Abigael lives with his sister some distance away.
Obed uses an old tricycle with hand operated pedals and although his upper body is strong it is not easy to manoeuvre on the rough tracks around Ifunda.

Following discussions with Obed and with the local parish priest we determined that Obed could earn a living running a local taxi service using a specially adapted 3 wheeled vehicle. This type of vehicle is known as a Bajaj (similar to a tuk-tuk, used in India) and is used all over Tanzania as a taxi for short journeys. We would like to purchase a Bajaj for Obed so that he can gain his independence, increase his mobility and provide for his family. An adapted Bajaj will cost £2,500.

We have a volunteer working in Ifunda in August who is a motor mechanic and he will, along with our local contacts, purchase a secondhand vehicle and have it adapted for Obed's needs.

Obed is not asking for a handout but you can help him gain his independence by making a donation however small to this campaign. We need to raise funds by mid-August 2018. Click here to donate via GoFundMe

A few donors have had difficulty donating via the GoFundMe platform, you may find it easier to donate via our Virgin Money Giving  Campaign. Click here to donate via Virgin Money Giving

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Susie Roddick
Charity Trustee


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